LVM filesystem startup error after server crash

O/S details: RedHat Enterprise RHEL Linux kernel 2.6.9-5

Ok, the server didn't crash, rather I had several snapshots open and shut the machine down
without dis-mounting them. At bootup the LVM filesystems failed to mount, sadly I didn't
record the error text. I recall mention of EXT2 errors and something like the device isn't present.

What I did to make the server come up is:
# Remove the snapshots
lvremove -f /dev/disk/drive1_bk

# Activate volumes that were marked "LV Status  NOT available"
lvchange -a y /dev/disk/drive1

Keywords for Google: Help Problem Starting Logical Volume Manager

Wed Jul  6 09:26:25 NZST 2005 c.mills Created
Clark Mills