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Carlile House, Auckland

Carlile House: A derelict heritage victorian villa in Ponsonby, Auckland
Shacklock Orion Coal Range information

Hobby: Photography
Restoring pinball machines
Parted GPT Notes
AVR Stepper motor controller
Varnish and Libvmod on RedHat 6 Notes
Xen 3 on CentOS 4.3 notes
Wired Country Setup Example under Linux HowTo using SNAT/DNAT/PPPoE
Importing LVM "disks"
Annoying message: "/dev/hda: open failed: No medium found" fix
Squirrelmail Install HowTo
OpenMosix Build Notes
Create a website icon
Drupal 7 install on CentOS 6
Old Bugtraq Posting Link
LVM Crash Fix
k-2805 Dick Smiths Electronics Parallel port interface
MAX186 printer interface ADC Linux
IR sensor off a printer port pin
Add LED underlighting to your microscope

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